Contact Us!

Please be aware that our current turnaround time is 25 to 45 business days not including weekends or holidays due to extremely high order volume. We are working hard to get all orders shipped out ASAP but we are behind. 

 We recently discovered a discrepancy with a LARGE batch of orders that was thought to be completed but was mishandled by a former employee. We are disappointed that we missed them and are working to rectify issues from those orders that we thought were shipped when said employee was in charge of handling orders. We have not had access to our email for quite some time and we are trying our hardest to handle all backlogged orders ASAP on top of current existing orders. Because of this, we decided it was best to stop any new orders from coming in until all previous orders are handled. We are so sorry to our countless fans that were let down by this inconvenience and we are so sorry if you have tried to contact us but to no avail. We ask that you please direct all questions, order status updates, and grievances to and we will work to get back to you as soon as we can to get you an update on your order status. This contact box was previously connected to our email which have not been able to log in to. As of June 29th 2017, all messages sent through this contact box will be directed to our new email.

  We understand the anger and frustration that you may feel due to these unforeseen issues that arose. We have served our Military community since 2012 and have handmade over 70,000 orders. We never meant to "scam" or "rip off" anyone and we are so sorry that the actions of one employee has turned an honest business into something less than that. We promise to right every wrong and have every order shipped out by the end of August. Please give us a chance to make this right to you.

Because we have already taken proactive steps to prepare and ship any orders we do not show shipment update status on, we are not offering refunds. We are however more than happy to change any existing designs on orders PRIOR to shipment. In an effort to show our deepest apologies, we will be issuing gift cards, coupons and free gifts to orders that were unfortunately missed due to an employee error that will be redeemable on a future purchase when we reopen.

- The Love & War Team